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Extreme NO: The Body Building Secret

Who doesn’t want to show off rippling arms and a hard-lined stomach just in time for the beach? Every man is a ladies’ man and it is innate for them to want to impress women with their rock-hard abs. However, like any other good impression tactics, acquiring hard muscles is not an easy game to play. Body builders and other exercise enthusiasts know how hard it is to sculpt a lean and mean body before hitting the beach. Although exercising and keeping up with a regular diet is a great way towards the body of your dreams, current technology has come up with a better and faster method for those washboard abs and sexy physique. Currently considered to be the secret of numerous body builders around the world, Extreme NO is effective, efficient and safe.

What is this body building secret?

The Xtreme NO is a bodybuilding supplement designed to provide the perfectly chiseled body in nearly no time at all. It is manufactured by Natural Products Association, a renowned company in the world of health and beauty established in the year 2002 and distributed by Muscle Advance.  Truly a superb product worthy of worldwide recognition, the body building supplement has created a global phenomenon not only for body builders but also for alpha males interested in owning a lean and hard-lined stomach.  If you’re one of those who are conscious of all the love handles and bulk of fat around your middle, this product is definitely the answer to your prayers.

extreme no Extreme NO


What are the ingredients found inside Extreme NO?

The supplement is considered a body builder’s dream all for good reasons. It boasts safe ingredients that have undergone scientific research and numerous safety protocols to ensure of its efficacy and safety. With 60 tablets in a bottle, Extreme NO has the active ingredients L-arginine hydrochloride, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and L-arginine ketolsocaproate, which have been methodically stacked together to achieve optimum effects.

L-arginine, or simply, arginine, is an amino acid wherein the L-form is considered to be one of the twenty most familiar natural amino acids. It is naturally found in poultry, fish, dairy products, red meat, wheat germ, granola, oatmeal, peanuts, seeds, chick peas, cooked soybeans and wheat flour. Synthetically, it can also be made in laboratories and is often utilized for medicinal purposes. Arginine is associated with cell division, getting rid of ammonia from the body, hormone release, wound healing and several immunity functions. It is also the precursor for the creation of Nitric Oxide (NO) and is often utilized to dramatically decrease the healing time of bone injuries and tissue damage.

Together, the L-arginine compounds are potent methods for gaining muscles and burning fats by oxidizing the fat cells and methodically increasing the sexual hormone inside the body. It also increases the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body, which circulates oxygen into areas that need it the most all day long.

Other ingredients in the supplements include the Dicalcium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, L-citruline and Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), which are the advanced nutrient delivery system, thereby producing an extended-release (day long) formula. The L-arginine compounds in Extreme NO are not only responsible for the supplements’ effectiveness, the way these compounds are released into the body are also one of the reasons why the supplement is unparalleled.


Who can use this body building supplement?

There is no denying that the media has influenced our way of perceiving physique. Like any alpha male, a toned and chiseled look of a body builder is the perfect method not only to getting the ladies but also to stop being self-conscious every time you remove your shirt. This is for those who want to look their best, anywhere, anytime. Instead of laboring all day long at the gym and trying to cheat your way through other weight loss supplements, the Xtreme NO will help you glide towards the perfect body in no time at all.

This miraculous bodybuilding supplement boosts your energy, which enables you to work out without tiring for longer periods of time, with little recovery time needed. As it gets rid of the fat deposits in your body, it also increases the muscle mass in your body, giving you faster results. Compared to all the other bodybuilding supplements found in the market, only the Extreme NO is earmarked for its efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness.

extreme no Extreme NO


What are the advantages of Xtreme NO?

Aside from being an effective method to avail the body you have always dreamt of, this supplement also offers other benefits.

  1. It improves one’s stamina, endurance and strength for workouts.
  2. It boosts blood flow in the body, thereby increasing circulation.
  3. It boosts the body’s energy levels and metabolism, making it easier to work out and lose weight.
  4. It decreases the recovery time in work outs, helping you achieve more from your exercise.

Rest assured, this supplement will give you a toned and sculpted body like that of a body builder in no time at all.


What are the disadvantages of Extreme NO?

The drawback of this supplement is that they are not for sale in any general stores or local pharmacies. You will need to order it from the site itself. However, that wont’ be much a hassle considering how fast and easy online shopping can be. Another con is that the supplement should also be avoided if you recently suffered from heart attack or if you’re suffering from any cardiovascular diseases. Since the supplement causes an increase of circulation in the body, which is a good thing if you have a relatively healthy heart, a diseased heart will only tire out of the extra work.


Taking the Extreme NO as directed (two tablets 30-60 minutes before working out) is a surefire way to end up with the well-toned body you have always desired. It has been advertised in reputable television companies and websites including MSN, CNN.com, MS-NBC and USA-Today.com. Created out of high-quality and well-studied ingredients, this supplement is meant to give you the rapid results you need to be in tip top shape.

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